To have a positive impact on the people who work with us, shop with us and are part of our community, while being 100% committed to reducing our footprint on the planet.

Our 2020 GOALS –

As part of a global company, we have set the following 2020 goals.

Renewable Energy


Renewable energy usage target —

Carbon Emissions


Reduction in carbon emissions —

Energy Use


Reduction in energy use —

Renewable Energy


Reduction in water usage —

Renewable Energy


Diversion of landfill —

Find out more about HBI Sustains here.


We work closely with our internal factory in Indonesia to reduce our water, energy, and paper usage in the manufacturing process. From 2016 to date, we have saved 7.5 million litres of water (the equivalent of three Olympic pools) with them and they continue to think about ways to reduce this further.


We're all about supporting women in more ways than one and inspiring you to feel good. That's why we recently upgraded our shipping satchels to a more sustainable alternative. This means the next time you order from us it'll arrive in a bag made from 90% post-consumer recycled plastic.

What's better is that each bag can reused and recycled through REDcycle, a national recycling program. Simply drop it off at any REDcycle bin, located at major supermarkets, and it'll be converted into recycled materials for use in furniture, signage and other materials. To find out more about REDcycle, visit their website.


Part of our mission is to inspire you and make you feel good. Everything we design is for women by women.

With precision and care at the core of everything they make, our Australian-based female-led team of innovators aspire to create products that feel as though they are made just for you.



ethical standards –

Our mission is to see an end to unethical sourcing and the exploitation of workers in the fashion industry. In working to achieve this, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and we expect no less from our suppliers.

Recently Berlei, along with other brands within Hanesbrands, Inc., were recognised for our commitment to putting the planet and people first by achieving a grade A in the 2019 Ethical Fashion Report by Baptist World Aid Australia. This is an improvement on last year’s score of A-.

This acknowledgement from BWA both validates and strengthens our desire for continuous improvement. There’s always more work to be done, but we are proud of our ongoing commitment and the forward momentum we are making. We’ll continue to share with you our progress along the way.

If you’re interested in the detailed report visit: baptistworldaid.org.au


Community –

We strongly believe in women feeling empowered to invest in themselves no matter where they live. Traditionally, the management positions in the retail industry are dominated by males but in our Indonesian facility we have reversed this trend with 75% of management positions being held by women. To facilitate this, we offer:

  • Flexible work policies that help women to balance work and childcare

  • Competitive wages, health insurance benefits and pension schemes for all employees

  • Education programs to upskill workers, including leadership training for sewing supervisors

WOMEN In Leadership –

One of our many employee success stories is Merrya Yusadeta, a senior manager at our Indonesian factory. After leaving high school in 1996, Merrya joined the company initially as production mover then a line supervisor before joining the planning team, where she was provided with English and computer training. In 2001, Merrya took another step up into the purchasing team where she learnt to deal with suppliers. Four years later, she undertook a university degree and in 2010, she became responsible for heading up the Quality Raw Materials department. Not only is Merrya a valuable member of the senior management team, she is an inspiring example of what female leadership looks like to us.

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