Did you know that a staggering 40% of Australian women don’t wear a sports bra while exercising? And 76% of women who do wear a sports bra wear the same one regardless of what sport they’re playing? And that even a B-cup can bounce up to 8cm without the right support?
Whether you're walking, running, or pushing it to the limit, the right support is essential to protect your breasts. Our unique Support Factor system has been created to help women find the right level of support for their chosen activity. SF2 bras are for medium impact sports, SF3 for high impact and SF4 for extreme impact.  
We know boobs move differently during sport, so our Sports Bras offer single breast encapsulation to treat each breast differently, giving you the freedom, comfort and confidence to move.  And every detail from band width to strap placement to fabric and breathability, has been intentionally designed for the unique needs of a woman’s body in motion.
However you move, we’ve got you covered.