Essential bra care is necessary to prolonging the life of your bras.


Wash your bra after 2-3 wears. Handwashing in cold water is the best way to preserve them. If you decide to use a washing machine, use a washbag so bras don't get tangled or damaged. Set the machine to the delicate cycle on the lowest temperature and use a gentle detergent.


Allow your bras to drip dry, using a towel to blot off any excess water. Never hang or dry them directly over a heater and avoid wringing them out or putting in the dryer.


Storing your bras correctly can help them last as long as possible. Simply stack your bras vertically side by side in the drawer. Avoid folding bras as this can cause bending and denting.

Replacing Your Bra

Simply, the more you wear your bra, the shorter its life span. Perspiration can cause the elastic in bras to stretch and deteriorate, so having a handful of great bras on rotation will help your bras last longer. We don't recommend wearing the same bras for 2 days in a row, as the bra will need some time to stretch back to its original form.