Learn all of the high tech components that make up your Berlei bra, simply hover over or tap the dots below to find out more.

Black Bra
1. Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap is where the cup at the apex and the wing at the back join together.

2. Apex

Also called the "shoulder point" the apex is where the straps join the cup.

3. Underband

Running along the bottom of the bra is the underband. The underband secures the bra to the body and should sit snugly against the skin.

4. Sling

For some bra styles, a sling is added to the inner cup to provide extra support to the side of the breasts to prevent spillage. This is often the case for larger cup sizes.

5. Cup

The cup is the most important part of the bra as it supports the breast! It can be made from foam or fabric, and is lined for extra comfort.

6. Back Gore

The back gore, also known as the wing, extends from the side seams to the hooks and eyes. They balance the front of the bra by fastening together at the back, securing it to the body.

7. Centre Gore

The sturdy piece that sits flat against the chest. It anchors the cups and is a stabilisation point between the breasts to provide separation.

8. Neckline

A defining feature of a bra, the neckline runs around the top of the bra.

9. Fun Fact!

There are at least 20 different components and over 30 sewing processes in the making of one bra!

10. Slide & Ring

These secure the straps to the back gore. Lengthening or shortening these adjust the length of the strap.

11. Wire Channel

The wire channel houses the wire that sits along the base of the cup. It's inside a tubular casing so you can't see it but you can feel it with your hands. Underwire supports and separates the breasts, placing them in the perfect position.

12. Cradle

The cradle, or wire frame, is the area around the cups that helps it sit securely around the breasts and anchors it to the body for support.

13. Hook & Eye

The hook and eye hold the bra together. There are usually three sets of hooks and eyes, which can be adjusted and fastened to make the bra tighter or looser.

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