This project has taken a mountain of effort from a collaborative team. I want to take some time to thank some of the key people involved.

Kieron, Marcos, Jacob & Nish
Thank you for the massive effort you have all put in to achieve this milestone - upskilling, planning, debating and developing - well above and beyond what is required. Thank you for your unflinching support in getting this grand plan off the ground, and for helping maintain each other's sanity along the way. I bloody love our team! It is difficult to make a complex project appear simple - this can only be achieved when you have a trusted, effective and skilled team. Thanks again.

Thank you for your patience, knowledge & attention to detail. Seemingly ever-present online no matter the hour, you are always generous with your time and expertise, even as you juggle multiple priorities around the globe.

Your breadth of knowledge and experience with Magento and all things in-between, teamed with crazy fast dev turnaround times has enabled the project to continue smoothly. Thank you for your patience in resolving issues as they arose.

Amita & Bianca
Thank you for keeping everyone involved in the project in line & on task - notably during the the extensive UAT portion of the project. Our board is clean!

eComm Team
Thank you for your support in getting headless off the ground. Thanks to Pete & Marcus we're launching with a new Analytics platform. To everyone: The rapid, actionable feedback provided throughout the approval stages is greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing how Headless transforms over time with your valuable opinions.

Sergii, Tom & Ryan
Thank you for your trust, ongoing support and mentoring in getting Headless from prototype to production.

Our Suppliers
Your top notch product and expert teams have been crucial to the successful delivery of this project.

Toby J
Front End Technical Lead


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